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Our many years of expertise in gas measurement technology and innovative technologies characterize our flue gas analysers, gas detectors and leak detectors, ensuring safety and improving efficiency.

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Discover our wide range of combustion gas analysers, leak detectors and gas detectors and find the perfect solution for your measurement requirements.

Flue gas analyser:

Discover our specially designed flue gas analysers for a wide range of applications. Our product portfolio includes combustion gas analysers for small heating systems, stack gas analysers for industrial applications and emission gas analysers for measuring emissions from forklifts and industrial trucks.

Gas detectors:

Explore our comprehensive selection of gas detectors for a wide range of applications and for the detection of refrigerants, toxic gases, CO2 (carbon dioxide), NH3 (ammonia) and other gases. In addition to standard enclosures, we also offer ATEX-certified gas detectors, as well as a wide range of controllers and control panels for efficient processing and monitoring.

Leak detectors:

Find out about the precision and reliability of our portable leak detectors, ideal for detecting flammable gases, refrigerants, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases. You are sure to find the optimum solution for your requirements.



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MSA Bacharach Murco Gas Detectors
CET Critical Environment Technologies Detectors
DEGA Gas Detectors

MSA / Bacharach Inc / Murco Gas Detection Solutions

Bacharach Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of measuring and monitoring instruments for the accurate detection of gases and air quality. In 2021, the company was acquired by MSA Safety. Bacharach's products find diverse applications in industries such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), industrial, food processing, pharmaceutical and others.

Bacharach's product portfolio includes a wide range of instruments, including gas detectors, refrigerant detectors, leak detectors, flue gas analyzers and more. The brand is known for quality, precision and reliability in gas detection and air quality monitoring.

In addition, Bacharach Inc. acquired Murco Gas Detection Solutions from Ireland in 2011.

Critical Environment Technologies (CET)

Critical Environment Technologies (CET), based in Canada, is a leading manufacturer of gas detectors and indoor air quality systems. The company designs, manufactures and services a variety of gas detection and indoor air quality monitoring products. CET's products include gas detectors for a variety of gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, propane, hydrogen and many others. These devices are designed to detect potentially dangerous gas concentrations and provide early warnings to protect the safety of people and the environment.


DEGA presents an extensive range of gas detectors, including ATEX-certified gas detectors, which can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the various DEGA control panels or controllers, offering users a wide choice of detectable gases. DEGA detectors are renowned for their outstanding quality and precision.


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IM GmbH - Ingeniously sMart

Since 1998, IM GmbH is synonymous with ingenious smart solutions in the field of gas analysis, gas detection and gas leak detection.

The core principles of our company philosophy are competent advice, excellent after-sales service and thorough repairs.

Take a look at our product range. In addition to flue gas analyzers for heating engineers, you will also find flue gas analyzers for forklift trucks or industrial applications. Our gas detectors for toxic gases or refrigerants are also truly smart instruments that are complemented by portable leak detectors.

IM GmbH Flue Gas Analysers

IM GmbH Flue Gas Analysers

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