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MGS-402 Gas Detection Controller

729.47 €

Product no.: 6702-8020



Up to 2 MGS-410 or MGS-450 detectors / transmitters can be connected to the MGS-402 from Bacharach and evaluated at a central location.

  • LEDs – Quick visual inspection of the status of the system
  • Alarm LEDs – In the transparent frame of the front panel there are red alarm LEDs, so that the entire housing flashes and lights up in the event of an alarm
  • Output – Two configurable analog outputs (4-20mA, 1-5, 2-10VDC)
  • Alarm output – Three relays (pre-alarm, main alarm, error)
  • Bus system – Communication with the MGS-400 series detectors and power supply of the detectors leads to a shorter installation time and reduces the cost of installation
  • Modbus RTU Master Detectors – Acquisition of all information from the detectors
  • Modbus RTU Slave-BMS – Connection to building management systems
  • Housing – protection class IP66
  • Audible and visual alarm – Complies with ASHRAE 15 / EN 378 standards without additional hardware

A quick visual check of the status (voltage, error, alarm) of each individual, connected point detector ensures the display LEDs. The MGS-402 also takes over the power supply for the maximum 2 pcs. MGS-400 series detectors. The detectors are connected sequentially via MODBUS to the gas detection controller, which means that only one detector has to be connected to the control panel. The other detector is simply connected to the first detector in series.

This type of connection means a simplification of the installation and thus also a reduction in costs.

Smart & Safe - MGS-400 Series Exchange Program

Pre-calibrated sensor modules of the MGS-400 series detectors simplify the maintenance of the detectors, as the replacement takes only a few minutes and does not require calibration gas.

By combining the MGS-402 with Bacharach's MGS-410 and MGS-450 refrigerant detectors, the user can easily comply with safety standards such as EN 378 and ASHRAE 15 with a single system.


  • User Interface: 2 x Push Buttons
  • Alarm relay: pre-alarm (low alarm), main alarm (high alarm); 240 VAC @ 10A
  • Fault Relay: 240VAC @ 10A
  • Serial interface: 1 x RS485 MODBUS RTU slave for BMS/BAS; 1 x RS485 MODBUS RTU Master for the transmitters
  • Analog output: 2 x Outputs (4-20mA, 1-5, 2-10VDC)
  • Alarm mute 2 x push buttons/ AUX input
  • Operating temperature: -40°C - 50°C
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20W (max.); 24VDC
  • Dimensions / Weight: 165 x 165 x 87 mm / 0.76 kg
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Cable entry: 2 x M20 / 1/2" for power supply; 6 x M16 cable gland for signals
  • Approvals: EN 61010-1, EC, UL/CSA

Scope of delivery

  • Gas detection controller MGS-402
  • Operating instructions

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Controller for
max. 2 Transmitter