IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH

We offer small hand held combustion gas analyzers as well as professional flue gas analyzers. These flue-gas analysers can be used in industrial applications (glass industry, process industry, etc.), in HVAC applications or at universities.




Exhaust gas analyzers for forklift trucks are also available. These exhaust gas analyzers measure diesel and gas engines according to european regulations. They offer much more, because our analyzers do have oxygen sensors as well as temperature sensors to sense the exhaust gas temperature and therefore they are very useful not only to check the engine, but to analyse the engine.

Our product range also offers measuring instruments like thermometers (IR-thermometer, thermocouples, thermistors, digital pocket thermometer, etc.) leak detectors (combustible gas leak detectors / refrigerant leak detectors) and co detectors, hygrometers, elektronic manometers and anemometers.

Gas leak detectors like the CD100A are used not only to detect gas leaks in heating systems but as well from car companies that upgrade car engines to run on lpg / autogas. Leak detectors have a long flexible gooseneck and some have a tip light to find leaks easily and fast.

Furthermore we offer leak detector to detect refrigerants. These detectors can detect all halogen refrigerants and blends.

Fyrite® InTech®
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Fyrite® Insight® Plus SET
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IM 950 - RPM Meter
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IM 1440P Used Analyser
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IM 1440F Used
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TruPointe® Ultra
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