Gas Transmitter MGS-550

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The new gas detector / gas transmitter MGS-550 is a flexible-platform instrument that is easily customized for a wide variety of challenging applications.

The advanced MGS-550 gas detector series is user-configurable and can utilize any combination of sensor technologies, including electrochemical, semiconductor (MOS), catalytic bead or infrared, in a single platform for unparalleled detection capability. It can detect an extensive range of refrigerants, combustible and toxic gases in industrial, commercial and institutional environments.

The MGS-550 is housed in a dust/waterproof IP66 ABS for durable performance in any location.

The MGS-550 can easily be connected to any central BMS control system (via Modbus connection) or, with its three onboard user-assignable relays, can easily function as a stand-alone unit without the need to wire alarm devices back to a central system.

Providing the ultimate in flexibility, the instrument can be upgraded at any time from a one-sensor unit to a two-sensor system by simply installing another sensor. Both analog outputs can be assigned as either redundant or specific for each of the sensors. The simple, single level menu interface throughout the MGS-550 platform significantly reduces the amount of training required for maintenance and installation.



  • Flexible One or Two-Sensor Capability

  • Remote Sensor Options for Direct Monitoring in Any Environment 

  • Analog and Modbus Interface

  • Three User-Assignable Relays for Enhanced Safety

  • Magnetic Wand Enables Easy, Non-Intrusive Adjustments/Calibration

  • 3 Status Indicators and 5-Digit Numeric LED Display


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