Refrigerant Leak Detector H25-IR Pro

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The H25-IR PRO is a next generation industrial-grade refrigerant leak detector and gas analyzer capable of detecting over 40 of the most commonly used refrigerants and halogen gas compounds. Special models measure and detect R600a, R290, R744 (CO2) or SF6. 
It can be used to locate and then quantify gas leaks, as well as log and totalize a group of leaks in a system. The H25-IR PRO adds new ground breaking capabilities, including proprietary leak quantification technology, that ensure accurate and reliable operation. 
The H25-IR PRO raises the industry benchmark for high-production gas detection and analysis. In addition, a new menu system simplifies setup and operation while preserving the preferred digital numeric leak rate display. For users who are required to validate instruments against a known reference leak source, an optional leak reference tool, the LS-25 Series Leak Standard, is also available.

  • Advanced Leak Quantification (ALQ™) technology eliminates the need for periodic adjustments to a calibrated reference leak source.
  • Numeric Leak Rate Display
  • Utilizes infrared technology to quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks as well as to extend sensor life and minimize false alarms.
  • Excellent background gas rejection
  • Automatic calculation of gas concentration regardless of flow rate
  • "Search" and "Measure" mode
  • Responds to leaks in less than 1 second and detects leaks as small as 0.03 oz/yr (0.9 g/yr)
  • Improved menu system and navigation
  • Assortment of probes available for specific applications
  • Comprehensive diagnostics keep track of system parameters
  • CE / EN50270:2006 / EN55011:2009 / EN61010-1 IEC61010-1 / UL61010-1:2001 / CSA 61010-1

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