IM 1440P

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The IM 1440P is a multi-channel exhaust gas analyzer that can be equipped with up to 4 sensors.
Its basic unit has an O2 (Oxygen) and a CO (Carbon Monoxide) sensor. The other two sensors are customer selectable as well as the measuring ranges.
Therefore the IM1440P can be used in almost all industrial applications.
  • Rugged case with additional compartment
  • Condensation trap with integrated filter
  • 4-lines, backlit LCD Display for simultaneous display of 8 values
  • RS232 interface
  • Memory for 200 measurements
  • Rechargeable battery with status indicator; up to 6 hours
  • Volume controlled soot measurement
  • High speed thermal printer with an easy paper loading system
  • CO-bypass valve with purge pump to protect the CO-Sensor
  • Diagnostic program
  • Gas sampling probe
  • Manual, soot filter, soot scale
  • Power cord


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