Fyrite® Insight® Plus Combustion Gas Analyser

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Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus - Combustion Gas Analyser


The Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus is a residential and commercial combustion analyzer featuring enhanced features, longlife O2 sensors and intuitive operation!
This lightweight hand-held analyzer uses advanced technology to accurately measure, analyze and report test results to validate safe operation, install more efficient systems and save customers’ money. 

With its easy to use Fyrite® User Software and exclusive B-Smart® CO sensor, the Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus enables technicians and HVAC/R Service representatives to upgrade software or install pre-calibrated sensors right in the field to avoid costly downtime and inconvenience. 

The Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus is a five-in-one steady state combustion analyzer that includes a room air, CO test instrument, a flue gas CO tester, dual channel digital thermometer, and a digital manometer.Capable of providing up to 100 combustion, pressure and temperature records, the Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus also can display measurement results instantly for up to ten different fuels on its full-color backlit LCD display. In addition, specific information can also be downloaded to a PC or printed via an infrared printer.

- Ergonomically Designed 
- Rubber overmolded housing
- Rubber boot with magnetic back
- The instrument is light and fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to handle.

- Combustion Analyis, Room Air CO Test, Digital Manometer, Dual Channel Differential Thermometer 
- NEW CO PROTECT - adjustable limit value to protect the CO sensor NEW . 
- Longlife O2 Sensor
- Sensor life indication.
- Calibration Reminders
- O2, CO, CO2, CO (air-free), stack gas temperature, ambient temperature, combustion efficiency, excess air, losses, Pressure/Draft,  CO (air-free) with adjustable O2 reference value.
- Input of soot numbers and calculation of average value.
- Warm-up within max. 60 seconds.



Accurate Operation 
- Easy and intuitive operation.
- Tactile feedback from the instrument’s keypad assures that the appropriate key has been pressed.
- User name and Logo can be programmed into the printer header
- Memory for 100 measurements
- 10 fuels are programmed.

- IrDA to transfer measured data to an optional IrDA printer
- USB - optional PC software to download measurements, update software and analyzer set-up
- USB power adapter
- EN 50270
- EN 50379

“Plug-n-play” B-Smart® Sensors

- Pre-calibrated sensors enable simple in-field replacement, reducing instrument down-time and providing low cost of ownership.
- Longlife O2 Sensors and latest CO sensors!
- Calibration reminders


Fyrite®, Insight® and B-Smart® are registered trademarks of Bacharach, Inc.


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