Combustion Gas Analysis for Heating Applications

Combustion Gas Analyser for commercial applications

Combustion Gas Analyser for commercial applications (heating contractors / heating technology)

Our handheld combustion gas analysers and encased, rugged flue gas analysers fulfill all the requirements for todays commercial applications. For more detailed information please click here



Forklift Trucks

Exhaust Gas Analysers for Forklift Trucks

Exhaust Gas Analyser for Forklift Trucks

LPG and Diesel powered forklift trucks are used e.g. inside assembly buildings although they produce poisonous Carbon Monoxide CO and carcinogenic soot.

Our exhaust gas analysers are designed to measure these emissions and help tuning the engines. Here you will finde more information

Industrial Applications

Link to Flue Gas AnalyserExhaust Gas Analysis Systems for industrial applications

Industrial applications (glass industry, process industry, ...) require special features and very rugged and accurate flue gas analysers.

Please click here for more information about our professional portable exhaust gas analysers and stationary flue gas analysis systems (CEMS).


Bacharach - Flue Gas Analyser

Bacharach Inc.

Flue Gas Analyser made by Bacharach®, USA

As a distributor of Bacharach we do offer all their products including handheld combustion gas analysers like the Fyrite Insight Plus, Fyrite Intech, PCA3 and the soot pump "True Spot". Please contact us for any Bacharach products, spare parts that are not listed on our website.