In 1998, IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH was founded and mainly offered compact flue gas measuring instruments encased in a box. These flue gas analysers are used by heating engineers and heating technicians to measure emissions from small combustion plants.

Nowadays, in addition to the compact flue gas analysis computers, small, handy flue gas measuring instruments are also available for commercial as well as industrial applications (glass industry, process industry, energy producers).


Flue gas measuring instruments for emission measurement on industrial trucks or forklift trucks (IM 1100F, IM 1440F) have also been part of the product range for several years. With these exhaust gas analyzers, exhaust gas measurement or smoke number measurement on diesel forklifts according to TRG554 and CO measurement on gas forklifts according to DGUV79 (formerly BGV D34) can be performed.

As a representative of Bacharach Inc., USA, we also offer all Bacharach flue gas measurement devices such as the Fyrite Intech, Fyrite Insight Plus and the PCA400. Also, the Fyrite Classic (shaking bottle) still has its entitlement.

Leak detectors complete our product range. Here we must distinguish between two versions. On the one hand there are leak detectors for flammable gases and on the other hand there are also leak detectors for refrigerants.

Gas leak detectors for flammable gases can not only be used for gas leak detection on conventional gas pipes, but also for gas testing (GAP) on automobiles that are being converted from petrol to gas (LPG / natural gas / CNG).


In our product range you will find leak detectors for refrigerants, which detect e.g. conventional and new halogen containing refrigerants (CFC, HFC, HCFC) as well as Ammonia NH3, Carbon Dioxide CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290).

Our refrigerant detection systems and leakage detectors are high quality products from Bacharach, Inc. and formerly Murco (Ireland), which have been a well-known name in the refrigerant detection industry for many years.

In addition to point detectors, such as the MGD systems and MGS-400 warning devices, extraction systems (HGM, AGM) with a detection threshold of 1ppm are also offered.

Especially in supermarket applications such low detection thresholds can lead to savings because a leakage is detected faster than with conventional detectors.

A refrigerant detector (MVR-300) can also be offered for hotel rooms or office buildings, which communicates with the building management software via Modbus.