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UKA III Gas Detection Controller

from €1,100.75

Product no.: 10100001



A maximum of 4 (UKA III4) or 8 (UKA III8) transmitter can be connected to the UKA III gas controller. It is also possible to connect a flood sensor and a temperature sensor. The control panel can be equipped with a maximum of five common relays.

  • LCD – Display of concentrations and easy configuration of the system
  • LEDs – Quick visual inspection of the status of the system
  • Transmitter – NB III, NS II, NS III
  • Bus system – Communication and power supply of the detectors
  • UKA III4 – for up to 4 transmitters
  • UKA III8 – for up to 8 transmitters
  • Alarm – Audible and visual
  • Optional – Memory Module
  • Optional – Relay Module (3 pcs.; 250V / 10A)
  • Optional – Power Supply Module 230VAC


The current concentrations, as well as the status of the individual transmitters, are displayed on the large LCD display of the UKA III. A simple and fast configuration of the complete system takes place via the keyboard and the intuitive menu navigation. The UKA III control panel supplies connected detectors with power. The point detectors are connected sequentially to the control center using the daisy-chain method via RS485-DEGA protocol. This means that only one detector must be connected to the control panel and the other detectors are simply connected to each other one after the other.

This type of connection means a simplification of the installation and thus also a reduction in costs. The UKA III gas controller can be connected not only to the NB III transmitter series, but also to the NS III series (ATEX Zone 1) and NS II series (ATEX Zone 2) transmitters.

The user can thus connect different models and types to a control panel and thus take advantage of the advantages of the various transmitters.


  • User Interface: Keyboard
  • Alarm Relays: 2 pcs.; 250V / 10A
  • Relays for audible & visual external signal (24VDC / 0.4A)
  • Digital Output RS485 to connect the transmitters
  • Ambient Conditions -20°C to +85°C / max. 95% RH
  • Power Supply 24VDC / 0.6A; 230VAC / 15VA (optional)
  • Dimensions: 250 x 145 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 800 g

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  • Gas detection controller UKA III
  • Operating instructions

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