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TruPointe® Ultra

708.05 €

Product no.: 288000


Tru Pointe Ultra - Ultrasonic Leak Detector ®

The Tru Pointe® Ultra is a small and easy-to-use ultrasonic leak detector that can be used for leak detection in overpressure and vacuum systems.

  • Detection up to a distance of 9m
  • Frequency band: 34 to 42 kHz
  • LED Bargraph Display
  • Headphones
  • Touch probe (e.B. for leaks inside a valve)
  • Hard carry case


The medium of leak detection does not play a role in an ultrasonic leak detector. This means that many types of leaks can be detected, e.B compressed air, refrigerant, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, vacuum, etc.

The Tru Pointe® Ultra can detect leaks even at a distance of up to 9m (air transmission) and is not affected by wind or background contamination.

The HD version is equipped with noise-cancelling headphones. The ultrasonic transmitter "Soundblaster®" is also available as an option, which can be used with unpressurised systems.

The contact probe can also be used to detect leaks in bearings, motors, pumps, valves, cylinders, etc.


  • All gases, incl. compressed air, steam, nitrogen, etc.
  • Response time: Immediate
  • Warm-up time: None
  • Display: LED bar graph display
  • Power supply: 9V block battery
  • Runtime (battery): 80 - 120h
  • Dimensions: 140 x 61 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 140g

Scope of delivery

  • Tru Pointe Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector®
  • Touch probe
  • Operating instructions
  • Hard carry case
  • Battery

IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH reserves the right to make technical changes.

Tru Pointe® is a registered trademark of Bacharach, Inc. USA.

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