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Refrigerant Gas Transmitter MGS-250 IR

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The MGS-250 refrigerant/gas detector is equipped with a high-precision infrared (NDIR) sensor that accurately and reliably detects even the lowest leaks.

  • NDIR Sensor – Long service life and high accuracy in the low range
  • Refrigerant – Detects most refrigerants (CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs), including HFO1234YF, HFO1233zd, HFO1234ZE, R410a & R22
  • Sensitivity – No cross-sensitivity to other gases or temperature or humidity
  • Digital output – communication with building management system via MODBUS
  • Analog output – 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V
  • Alarm relay – 1x Relay
  • Visual and audible alarm – Complies with EN378 / ASHRAE 15 without additional hardware
  • Applications – Monitoring of leaks in machine rooms, cold stores, cold rooms and much more

Precise detection without cross-sensitivity

Two versions of the MGS-250 are available. On the one hand, there is a gas detector with a so-called broadband sensor. This sensor enables the detection of a wide variety of refrigerants with one sensor. In order to achieve the greatest possible accuracy, various refrigerants have been divided into groups from which the user selects in order to obtain the best possible accuracy for his application. Secondly, there is the specific version, which is also equipped with an NDIR sensor. However, this NDIR sensor is precisely calibrated to a specific refrigerant and can therefore also precisely detect this one refrigerant.

An ideal application for the use of the MGS-250 is the monitoring of refrigerants in data processing centers. Normally, semiconductor sensors are used for detection, but these have the disadvantage that they could react to solvents and thus trigger false alarms when cleaning the servers.

The NDIR sensor of the MGS-250 IR does not react to solvents, but only to refrigerants!

With the MGS-250 IR, false alarms can be ruled out!

The simple user interface allows you to make changes without having to open the enclosure. The current gas concentration is displayed on the alphanumeric LED display and an LED indicates the alarm status. In the event of an alarm, an audible alarm sounds and warns people in the area.

The maintenance-free NDIR sensor does not require costly annual calibration and there is no cross-sensitivity to flammable or toxic gases. Temperature and humidity fluctuations are also no problem for the measuring instrument. The service life of the NDIR sensor is 5 - 7 years!

For applications where splashing water is to be expected, the optionally available splash guard should be installed.


The following gases can be detected:

  • Broadband version: CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs
  • Specific Version: R22, R32, R134a, R404a, R407a, R407c, R407f, R410a, R422a, R422d, R427a, R448a, R449a, R452a, R452b, R507, R513a, R514a, HFO-1234YF, HFO-1234ZE, HFO1233zd

If you need to detect other gases, please ask us.

  • Sensor: NDIR Sensor
  • Lifespan 5-7 years
  • Measuring range: 0 - 3500 ppm
  • Supply voltage: 24VDC/VAC 50/60 Hz, 2.5W max.
  • Display: Red 4-digit alphanumeric LED display
  • Optical alarm: Red 4-digit LED display
  • Audible alarm: 80db @ 10cm
  • Error Monitoring: Error Codes
  • Analog output: 4-20mA; 0-5V; 0-10V; 1-5V; 2-10V
  • Alarm-Relay: 1 Relay: 1A @ 24VAC/VDC (0.25A @ 240VAC)
  • Communication: Modbus RTU via RS485
  • Alarm Delay: Adjustable; 0 to 15 minutes
  • Response time T90: 5 minutes
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +40°C
  • Humidity conditions: 5-90% rh, non-condensing; 0 - 3000m altitude
  • Dimensions & Weight: 100 x 140 x 40 mm; 180 g

Scope of delivery

  • Gas detector MGS-250
  • Operating instructions

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