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Fyrite® Insight® Plus Combustion Gas Analyser

1,701.70 €

Product no.: 115084


Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus - Combustion gas analyser

The Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus flue gas analyser is the professional alternative for the demanding user. In addition to the exhaust gas measurement, the device can also be used to carry out a CO ambient measurement, a differential pressure / draft measurement and a differential temperature measurement.

  • O2 Longlife sensor with 3 years life and lifetime info
  • Large, colorful graphical display with strong backlight and zoom
  • Graphical representation of measured values (trends / bargraph)
  • Graphical search of the hot spot (core current)
  • Flue gas measurement, CO ambient measurement, differential pressure, differential temperature
  • CO shutdown to protect the sensor
  • O2, CO, CO2, CO pure, T-gas, T-air, efficiency, excess air, draft / pressure, CO pure with adjustable O2 reference value
  • Soot number input and calculation / display / expression of the mean value
  • After a maximum of 60 seconds, the measuring device is ready for use
  • Ergonomic, rubber-coated housing
  • Protective cover with integrated magnets for secure attachment
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Tactile keyboard for safe operation
  • Enter name and logo in the heading of the printout
  • Memory for 100 measurements
  • IrDA interface for printing to an optional IrDA highspeed thermal printer
  • USB interface for data transfer, device set-up and upgrade with optional FUS software
  • The measuring device can be supplied with power via the USB interface
  • According to EN 50270 and EN 50379
  • B-Smart® Sensor Technology - Replacement of pre-calibrated sensors on site by the user!
  • Calibration interval display – replacement or calibration is not forgotten!

Small and powerful flue gas analyzer

The large colored and graphics-capable display, which guarantees the best readability even in low light conditions, immediately catches the eye. By means of the new graphical display you have all measured values in view and with the new hot spot display the core current is located quickly and easily. Latest sensor technology enables a longer service life of the O2 sensor -
O2 Longlife Sensor! Simple, intuitive operation, state-of-the-art technology and an ergonomically shaped and robust, rubber-coated housing are just some of the outstanding features of the Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus.The instrument is fully equipped and therefore immediately ready for use!


  • Oxygen O2 0 - 21 Vol.%
  • Carbon monoxide CO 0 – 4.000 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide pure COp 0 – 9.999 ppm
  • Carbon dioxide CO2 0 - 25 Vol.%
  • CO/CO2 0 – 0,999
  • Losses qA 0 - 100 %
  • Efficiency ETA 0 - 120 %
  • Excess air 1 – 9,95
  • Flue gas temperature T1 -20°C to 650°C
  • Air temperature T2 -20°C to 316°C
  • Differential pressure P +/- 100 mbar
  • Gas sampling probe pipe 300mm, hose 2.5m
  • Power supply 4 x AA batteries
  • Dimensions 200 x 90 x 60 mm
  • Weight 450g

IM Env. Equip. Germany GmbH reserves the right to make technical changes.

Scope of delivery

  • Flue gas analyser Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus
  • Longlife O2 Sensor
  • Softcase with magnetic back
  • Gas sampling probe, length 300mm, tubing 2,5m
  • Condensate trap with integrated filter
  • Batteries, 4 x AA
  • Hard carry case
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration protocol

B-Smart®, FYRITE® and INSIGHT® are registered trademarks of Bacharach, Inc. USA.

Additional product information

Type of Application
Flue Gas Analyser - Heating & Industrial
New / Refurbished