Continuous Gas Leak Monitors


Gas Leak Systems for continous monitoring

Refrigerant Leak monitoring in machinery rooms, ORC systems. chillers, industrial cold storage, data centers, walk-in freezers, food retail, grocery stores and much more



Supermarkt ApplikationenRefrigerant Gas Leak Monitors for Food Retail / Supermarket aaplications

Portable Refrigerant Leak Detectors as well as Refrigerant Leak Monitors that are used in supermarket applications

Detection in occupied spaces

Detektoren für bewohnte Räume

Refrigerant Detectors for occupied spaces (Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, ....)

With VRF / VRV systems there is a risk that all the refrigerant can escape in one room. Here you will find specially developed refrigerant detectors.

Gas Detectors - Personal safety

GaswarngeräteGas Detectors / Gas Monitors to monitor toxic gases 

Gas Detectors for Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen O2 and more. 


Bacharach - Refrigerant Monitors

Bacharach Inc.

Refrigerants / Gas Leak Monitors made by Bacharach Inc., USA

As a distributor of Bacharach we do offer all of their leak detectors and stationary leak monitors. Please contact us for any Bacharach products, spare parts that are not listed on our website.